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Training for support staff in reducing parental conflict

In educational settings, be that preschool, maintained schools, or academies we see the consequences of growing up in a home where frequent, intense and poorly resolved conflict occurs. Research by Professor Gordon Harold, commissioned by the government, has provided clear evidence that children and young people’s behaviours can be the result of living in those circumstances.

This matters to support staff - as low mood, poor self-esteem and behaviour issues may be a reflection of what is going on at home, with the symptoms being played out in educational settings. We all know that these behaviours impact not only on the ability of the child themselves to learn, but on the learning of others too.

That is why the government have introduced the Reducing Parental Conflict programme which aims to provide staff with skills to identify and do something about parental conflict. 149 local authorities have accepted grants to provide practitioner training to the wider workforce which should include staff in educational settings. In 31 local authority areas interventions are also being provided and tested to help parents, whether together or separated, to find ways to reduce inter parental conflict so that children’s lives are made better now, as well as improving their future outcomes.

The behaviour of children is heavily influenced by what goes on in the home. Helping parents to understand the impact of their behaviour and what it means for their children is a key objective of the programme. Influencing parents’ behaviour has the potential to make behaviour in settings and schools better.

Practitioner training is organised by local authorities and support staff in schools are encouraged to make use of this free offer that will provide insight into the evidence, asking difficult questions and provide practitioners with skills to help parents. Learning can take place through classroom based modules, or online.

For more information go to https://reducingparentalconflict.eif.org.uk/