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Lynette Buck

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Lynette Buck

Lynette Buck - Lunchtime supervisor

Name: Lynette Buck

Job Role: Lunchtime supervisor

School: Weddington Primary School

Bio: Lunchtime supervisor and teaching assistant

I have worked as a LTS for approximately 7 years. I was working in school as a parent helper and was asked if I could cover a few lunchtime sessions. Although initially, I wasn't sure this role was for me, I soon realised that it wasn't just wiping tables and opening crisp packets! Every session is different and you can find yourself dealing with all manner of incidents from a child crying because he doesn't like his sandwiches, to breaking up playground fights between frustrated Year 6s.  It is therefore essential that you are able to deal with a variety of situations in a calm and confident manner. Lunchtimes are the most unstructured part of a child's day and many require that little bit of extra help to help them survive what can be, a very challenging time.

I am fortunate to have received some excellent training to assist me in this role including Child Protection, First aid and Assertive Discipline training. Although no formal qualifications are required, the ability to work on your own initiative and communicate effectively with both children and teaching staff are essential.

Working as a lunchtime supervisor is an excellent way of getting an insight into school life and for me, led to my role as a teaching assistant. More recently, I have just been appointed as the workplace union steward.

Would I recommend the role of LTS to others? Without a doubt! I work with a fantastic team, who, among them, have many years experience in this role. It is varied, challenging and thoroughly enjoyable. If you think that it's about sweeping up crumbs and walking around the playground, holding children's hands, then give it a go... I think you'd be pleasantly surprised!